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Efficient Management of Facilities with an Optimized System

In-depth Network Analysis System, NPAS

It is a hardware-based in-depth analysis system for network traffic that can provide the detailed network traffic information needed for the big-data analysis in the network management area.

Key Feature

Real-time management of big data

In-depth network analysis information creation function for the statistics, event, and access log abnormality provided by the existing system

Log generation for the link with big data

Provides it to the customer through the application, middleware, server, and network

Provides more accurate and detailed cause analysis and solutions with an in-depth network analysis system specified for companies

Analyzed information is additionally applied with customization, which provides competitive advantages over foreign solutions

Possible to link SEIM with the big-data analysis and failure prediction system for utilization

  • 01Main functions

    Web service and comprehensive network analysis function

    Detailed network analysis function that is not available in the general network performance management equipment

  • 02Measurement items

    Network service status, including the bandwidth usage, BPS/PPS, top N TCP/IP traffic

    Traffic (abnormal traffic), such as SYN, FIN, ACK, ICMP, TCP, UDP, and ARP/sec

    Detailed information in the 5-tuple unit

  • 03Measurement method

    Collecting the statistics data measured/ analyzed remotely through appliances
    (no loading on service equipment)

    Signature-based protocol/application analysis information

  • 04Analysis

    Creating the primary analysis information of network traffic

    Possible to create the additional information needed for big-data analysis (customization)