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Efficient Integration and Information Collection of Big Data
The bigdata management solution helps utilize complex information.

Real-time MultiIT Performance Data Integration Solution, PIM

PIM (Performance Integration Module) is a real-time server performance monitoring solution that collects data from the servers scattered within the management area.
It easily identifies the bottleneck point by transmitting an alarm following a comparative analysis of the performance trends and threshold excess, and helps with the capacity planning for efficient operation.

Key Feature

  • 01Near Real-time Data Collection

    Collects data from various sourcessuch as log files, database, JDBC/ODBC, and XML

    Collects performance data from GlancePlus/OS command (sar, vmstat, etc.)
    - CPU, memory, disk, network, etc.

  • 02Stable Data Collection Structure

    Patent-based stable collection structure

    Monitoring method for unified management system, system for the same, and recording medium storing a program thereof (patent no. 10-099247) : An integrated monitoring method, integrated management system, and recording medium that monitors information on the performance, statistics, and failure in nearreal-time, and minimizes the load on the server being managed

  • 03Centralized&Real-time Performance Monitoring

  • 04Threshold Management of Collected Data

  • 05Storing in DB after Statistical Processing

  • 06Provision of an Intuitive View of Performance Data